Five ways to optimize and expedite the hiring process.


Modern staffing companies of any size spend a substantial amount of time and money hiring and onboarding every prospect they process. If you’re reading this guide, chances are this isn’t news… you’re a first-hand witness to the problem.

So, why is this the case? As staffing professionals, shouldn’t we be capable of conducting on-demand staffing efficiently? In many ways, we do. In some cases, however, staffing pros still rely too heavily on time-consuming, manual processes. As papers stack up, so do costs…and people that could be putting their skills to work are instead stuck performing basic tasks or searching for files they can’t easily find.

The result? Upwards of $16 being spent per applicant for intake and onboarding alone.

Many staffing pros treat these costs as simply a reality of doing business, but in an automation-driven world, it is a reality you need not accept. From start to finish of the hiring process, you may be surprised by how much a few simple changes can streamline your staffing business. Harness the right digital tools, and you may be shocked by the results.

Staffing firms using the Employstream software platform, for example, have expedited the hiring process by over 90%, reduced onboarding costs by up to 50%, and reached at least 55% more talent in the process. 

When you extrapolate those results across hundreds or thousands of job applicants, the savings adds up quickly. Think your company could benefit by optimizing and expediting the hiring process? Read on to find out how.


Let’s start with the earliest step in the hiring process: finding candidates. In the modern Information Age, finding the best people means not only having a strong online presence, but making it simple for anyone seeking employment through you firm to do so via a mobile device, as well.

According to Indeed & Kelton Global,

At least 78% of job seekers want to apply via mobile device, but 60% say that it’s difficult to do. Also, simply having a mobile site isn’t necessarily good enough if it’s cumbersome—80% of job seekers said they would abandon the application if it were too time consuming.

The bottom line? It’s important to engage candidates where they are, and in 2017, a fully digital approach to hiring simply makes sense. More likely than not, your application process could stand to be more user friendly for qualified, mobile device-wielding job seekers.

Offering a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use careers portal on your website is your best bet for finding the best candidates. The more integrated that portal is with your backend hiring systems and the more convenient functionality you can offer job seekers, the better off you’ll be.



Once you’ve attracted strong candidates, it’s time to get interviews scheduled. Especially when screening candidates at scale, it’s important to be not only efficient, but consistent, too. This is one of many places using a hiring software platform can help.

Hiring software can allow you to create scripted interview processes with simple web-based forms and built-in data storage capabilities. Ensure every candidate is asked the same questions when beneficial, and incorporate pre-screening and knock-out questions before a candidate is ever referred to a recruiter. You can customize interview setups by job type, saving time by only asking for applicable information based on the specific job at hand.

Choose to conduct interviews in-person and enter information into the system, or conduct the entire interview electronically—whatever suits your needs.

Through it all, the system makes sure the same data points are being collected for comparative purposes, and that they are easily accessible via a centralized digital platform when it is time to make final decisions.

Like an applicant? A strong hiring software platform lets you send a templated offer letter, allows electronic document signing, then makes it simple to initiate onboarding immediately. The experience is better for the interviewer and interviewee, and you can feel confident making faster decisions that yield faster results in the process.

Already have an existing applicant tracking system (ATS)? A software platform like EmployStream can seamlessly share data between existing third-party HR and ATS systems, or it can function as a stand-alone system. Choose whatever setup makes the most sense for you, and begin realizing savings from an optimized process immediately.


We’ve already touched on it, but it’s worth repeating: paper-based systems aren’t great. Paper forms create more than clutter; they tend to make people error-prone and are time-consuming, costly to maintain, and often downright inconvenient. Their use also generally necessitates data entry later, and that gives more opportunities for mistakes, delays and inefficiencies.

You can do better. A digital approach to hiring and onboarding means more visibility, accessibility and process control… let along savings on consumables and data entry.

Between manual labor associated with preparing, processing and entering paper-based forms into a computer system and the cost of paper, printing and storage, staffing firms spend an average of $39.55 per candidate. If errors occur in the process, that number can quickly jump even higher.

Make the most of dynamic web-based forms to improve the employee experience, with built-in applicant guidance and automated text or email alerts throughout the process. In the meantime, enjoy having access to all hiring forms electronically without the need for manual data entry.

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One of the main reasons staffing firms rely on inefficient systems is a belief that doing so is necessary to remain compliant with applicable regulations and standards. After all, there are a number of forms an applicant needs to fill out and you need to file, from disclosures and authorizations to I-9 and E-Verify documents to healthcare, tax, EEOC, WOTC and other required materials. While paper forms may have been your go-to option to date, there is a better way.

A centralized, cloud-based software platform that houses all required forms for digital review, signing and submission can drastically expedite and remove cost from the compliance-related onboarding process. As a bonus, this sort of system allows you to track the status of various documents, eliminating the question of “did we remember to fill out that paper?” for good.

Beyond simple form completion, a cloud-based hiring portal can also allow you to conduct E-Verify, background checks, drug screening, employment and education verification, and motor vehicle records checks from one dashboard. Beyond being convenient, this can mean major gains in processing speed:

80% of background screening results are turned around in less than 24 hours via the EmployStream platform compared to an industry average response time of 48-72 hours. 

Performing necessary filings via a well-built hiring software platform is ultimately a no-brainer. You minimize the risk of fines or other consequences while also saving time and money related to printing, handling, postage and other overhead costs.


Thus far, we’ve covered many of the advantages of a digitally driven approach to hiring for job seekers and you, the staffing pro… but let’s not let existing employees be an afterthought. Adoption of a strong hiring software platform with payroll integration can also mean keeping them engaged long-term.

Start by delivering paystubs conveniently and accessibly via a user-friendly and mobile-optimized employee portal, not in envelopes that tend to pile up in desk drawers and those little pockets you forgot your work bag had.

Besides viewing and printing pay stubs, W2 forms, ACA documents and work histories easily, employees can also make updates to direct deposit and tax election settings wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.

Send automated jobs alerts to keep your employees in the know, and make it simple for them to contact you with questions as they arise. The end result is greater HR-related visibility and communication, along with less frustration among those you’ve hired.

Can a digital approach to hiring and onboarding make that much of a difference? By now, hopefully the answer is clearly a resounding, “Yes”! Thousands of applicants are processed via the EmployStream platform each month, and the businesses that use it are realizing astounding results. Could you, too, hire more than 90 percent faster at half the cost of your current methods? Find out how much you could benefit from a fully digital approach to staffing that is reliable, accurate and always fast.

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