A Better Way to Hire

Simple. Fast. Connected.

Hire 90% Faster

EmployStream's totally automated, electronic process is completed in a fraction of the time of traditional hiring methods without the waiting and delays that are normally present.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Watch productivity increase and costs decrease by 50% or more when EmployStream takes over the hiring process. All that money spend on paper, toner, storage and data entry sure adds up!

Improve The Experience

Provide a top notch applicant and employee experience with an electronic hiring process. Reduce applicant drop off and keep your employees engaged by providing them with simple, easy to use tools.

Attract More Applicants

Our mobile careers portal and simple online application reduces drop-offs, allowing you to grow and screen your talent pool faster.

Screen More Effectively

Pre-qualify applicants with custom tailored application questions. Use scripted interviews for more complete and consistent recruiter screening.

Hire Without Paper

All new-hire paperwork and forms are completed online and E-Signed. Additional pre-employment screening and training requirements are integrated seamlessly.

Ensure Compliance

Our smart forms onboarding process was built to ensure forms are completed fully and accurately, helping you avoid costly errors, mistakes & delays.

Leverage the Cloud

EmployStream is Software-as-a-Service and can be accessed from any modern browser. There’s nothing to install or setup and no maintenance required.

Scale Your Hiring

EmployStream truly lets you hire more people with less effort. If you're looking to grow or just looking to be more efficient, EmployStream can help you scale.

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