Staffing companies of all sizes spend a substantial amount of time, money and energy hiring and onboarding every prospect they process.  As papers stack up, so do costs…and people that could be putting their skills to work are instead stuck performing basic tasks or searching for files they can’t easily find. These repetitive and mundane tasks ultimately take valuable time away from their core strengths: building better talent pools and profitable client relationships.

Ready or not, onboarding software is quickly transitioning from being considered a luxury service to now a necessity for all staffing companies.

Is Your Staffing Firm Ready to Go Paperless?

Making the transition from paper stacks and manual processes to automation doesn’t just happen overnight.  There is no magic bullet, but there are mindsets of the business that can be shaped to make it a smooth one.

First, everyone needs to be “on board” and commit to making a change not just in processes, but in streamlining the business model.  Second, the right stakeholders need to be present during the decision-making phase to confirm that a specific onboarding platform is the right choice for their particular firm.  For example, if a staffing company is focusing on a high growth phase of their business, the onboarding platform needs to be able to scale and grow with them.

Lastly, there needs to be a champion within the staffing company to act as the point person and subject matter expert, ensure the platform is being used and confirm integrations with other platforms, like ATS and payroll, are working as they should.   

How Does a Staffing Firm Benefit from Going Paperless?

A staffing agency who makes the switch from paper to onboarding software can immediately benefit in five distinct ways by:

  1. Reducing the costs of each new hire being processed
  2. Speeding up the onboarding process to get employees to work faster
  3. Giving peace of mind knowing that your I9’s and W4’s are up to date and documents are signed and error-free
  4. Upgrading your talent by offering a mobile-friendly solution
  5. Improving the applicant and employee experience through consistency and customization

From start to finish of the hiring process, you may be surprised by how much a few simple changes can streamline your staffing business. Harness the right digital tools, and you may be shocked by the results.  When you extrapolate those results across hundreds or thousands of job applicants, the savings adds up quickly.

How Do You Get Started?

If you think your staffing firm would benefit from adding Onboarding software, schedule some time with our Sales Development team and let’s find out!