Integration with Bullhorn

EmployStream for Bullhorn ATS boosts your productivity and provides a seamless experience.

Enhance your Bullhorn Experience

Don’t let your platforms run alone.

Integrating with EmployStream gives Bullhorn ATS a boost and provides a seamless experience for your employees. We provide the glue that makes you perform better by eliminating duplication of effort, eliminating mistakes and delays caused by data entry and accelerating the intake and onboarding process.


Our platform sits nicely inside your Bullhorn application to allow you a single sign-on for:

  • Quick implementation and single sign-in
  • Real-time data sync using Bullhorn APIs
  • Create and manage onboarding requests onboarding directly from Bullhorn with the candidate custom tab
  • Automated notes, profile updates and file attachments

What our Bullhorn users say:

“EmployStream has been a great partner for us! Not only are they helping us realize actual cost savings, but they are extremely responsive to our needs with a wonderful customer support team. Plus, I love that they are always innovating with new features.”
Jenn SilverioSystems Specialist
"Onboarding our temporary candidates was a massive pain point for us and it isn’t anymore, thanks to EmployStream."
Jennifer MartinTechnology & Training Lead at The Bagg Group
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