EmployStream Blog - Add engagement to staffing hiring process to gain more revenue

Be honest. How’s your candidate experience? What would candidates say about your company? Are you providing the experience that drives candidates, and their family and friends, back to your firm?

We’re asking for a reason. Chances are your staffing firm falls into one of these two buckets:

  1. Your recruiters are doing a decent job keeping in touch with candidates throughout the hiring experience, but there is always room for improvement
  2. You simply just don’t have time to create the kind of experience you would like to because daily tasks and job order filling take up too time

In either case, you’re not alone. According to the 2017 Gallup State of the American Workplace, only 12% of employees agree that their company does a great job onboarding new employees. In fact, many staffing firms are now self-diagnosing that providing a better experience not only creates a better emotional connection with their candidates, but there is a direct tie-in to more referrals…and more revenue.

It all starts with technology. Yes, technology is getting more affordable, smarter and easier to configure to your needs and processes.  No matter if you’re a technology-forward firm or not, we bet you are already using technology to find new candidates, track their progress during the interview process and even automate their onboarding experience. We think even engaging candidates can be automated with the right amount of technology and personalization. You can keep your firm’s personality a part of your recruiter’s everyday life, but also help them stay in touch and on task with their everyday processes.

And, your candidates are asking for it. Our recent article on gamification points out that today’s largest workforce, Millennials, want engagement with staffing firms to be fun and natural.

So, where do you start? Here are three areas where your firm can make the biggest impact by adding engagement automation to your everyday tasks:

Area #1 – Automate the interview experience to increase show rates and overall satisfaction.

Your resources dedicated to finding the right talent for your client are undoubtedly valuable. Significant time is spent sourcing and evaluating candidates to deliver the best choices for that one open position. Plus, it’s your reputation on the line during the interview experience—you don’t want to waste your client’s time with poor talent fit or constant no-shows.

Protect yourself. From making sure your candidate’s application is always completed to automatically gathering feedback after each interview, automating key communications between recruiters and candidates during the hiring and employment process will increase show rates and improve satisfaction.

Area #2 – Improve the placement experience with high-touch communication.

The time in between a candidate’s job offer and their first day can feel like a black hole……”Who are these people? Will I fit in?”, a candidate is left wondering. The first day at a new job is always exciting and full of energy. If handled right, it can set the tone for an amazing experience and the foundation for a long-term relationship with your candidate and client. If handled poorly, it could result in missed assignments and ultimately a negative first impression.

Get your talent to work faster and ensures the feedback loop is closed with automated, high-touch communication throughout your candidate’s job tenure. Encourage them from the beginning, and keep checking in. Give your candidates the power of a first-class onboarding and employment experience with automated, but personalized campaigns.

Area #3 – Increase retention and referrals with automated long-term engagement.

Communication with your talent shouldn’t have to stop once the assignment is over, especially if they are a high-quality candidate who can be a great fit for other clients. There’s no point wasting time searching through endless resumes or clicking through online profiles when your best fit is right there! Plus, creating these personal connections increases candidate loyalty and improves your firm’s branding as THE employer of choice!       

Build loyalty with your best talent by keeping your database of talent connected to you, and stay top of mind with automated messaging. They feel more appreciated, and it doesn’t have to require much more work on your part.

Ready? We’ve given you a lot to think about when it comes to adding crucial pieces to increase engagement and communication with your candidates. Now, it’s time to put it into place. How do you get started? Take a tour of our platform to learn more.