Upgrade Your Process with These Revolutionary Staffing Strategies

No company’s going to say, “We don’t care about the quality of our candidates.” Obviously, everyone wants to bring on the best talent possible. Despite that desire, too many companies don’t take the right actions to attract the best candidates … Continue Reading


It’s Simple: Streamline Staffing or Fall Behind

Human beings are great at a lot of things. We’re excellent communicators, innovators, pioneers, and collaborators. Unfortunately, in the staffing industry, there’s a lot of stuff we’re not so great at doing that still needs to get done. We’re talking … Continue Reading

EmployStream for Healthcare 2.0

EmployStream Launches New Products to Improve Credentialing and Compliance Experience for Healthcare Staffing Firms

Version 2.0 of EmployStream’s Healthcare Edition now includes Mobile Skills Checklists and Compliance Automation. EmployStream, the staffing industry’s premier onboarding and credentialing platform, announced today two major enhancements to its product offering built specifically for the healthcare staffing firms: Mobile … Continue Reading

EmployStream for Healthcare

Just Released: EmployStream for Healthcare

We are so proud to announce something that’s been in the works for a while, EmployStream for Healthcare. Healthcare Staffing Firms have unique challenges due to the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the industry. EmployStream for Healthcare was built to solve these challenges and … Continue Reading