Interview Scheduling with EmployStream Software

We recently began a blog series entitled “Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints” in which we are discussing how the right technology can overcome the most pressing challenges of the hiring process, adding efficiency to your operations while improving the candidate experience. We’ve already covered the importance of getting the initial application process right, and today we’re going to hit on step two: Nailing the interview (and all the considerations that go with it).

When we think about the interview process, we often consider most of the stress to be on the job applicant… they’re in the hot seat, after all. That doesn’t mean that the interview process is without complication or frustration for the interviewing party, however.

  • Interview “no shows” are all too common in some cases. 17 percent of respondents to one survey of 400 businesses said 15 percent or more of all applicants never showed up for interviews, and another 35 percent of respondents reported that 5 to 10 percent of applicants skipped out on an interview appointment. Missed interviews mean wasted time, and that ultimately means wasted company resources.
  • When applicants do show up, anxiety or lack of clarity around interview expectations can lead to poor interview performance. As we’ve covered previously, the hiring process can be an emotional rollercoaster for applicants. While this is certainly a challenge for the interviewee, it’s also problematic for recruiters who find their average time to fill positions increasing, negatively impacting your staffing firm’s bottom line.

Did you know only 12% of employees have a good onboarding experience? Download our eBook and learn the key to differentiating your staffing firm from competitors and the importance of an engaged workforce.

Make the Interview Process More Productive… and Pleasant

A complicated, confusing or downright intimidating interview process benefits no one… but in a high-volume staffing environment, it can sometimes seem inevitable. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way.

We have developed a software platform that makes it easier to avoid the pain points listed above without actually requiring that you put in more effort. The interview process becomes streamlined, making the staffing pro’s life easier, and the candidate experience isn’t dominated by uncertainty or dread. It’s a win-win… and here’s how it works.

  • It simplifies scheduling, decreasing the likelihood of “no shows” to your appointments. EmployStream’s Engage module has built-in scheduling functionality that makes it simple to add appointments to calendars, make timing adjustments and track your interview show rate in the hiring platform.
  • It automatically sends reminders about the interview, as well as preparatory information to help candidates know what to expect. These automated, yet customizable messages not only increase the chance of interview follow-through by candidates, but helps put them at ease when they hear from friendly recruiters before setting foot in your office.
  • It saves time during the interview, pre-populating information from the candidate’s application and allowing the recruiter to take notes during the conversation. The electronic onboarding process can later be started from the same screen, allowing an easy flow of information from application to interview to onboarding documentation.
  • It provides a single-interface means of sending follow-up communications and solicit feedback from the applicant regarding their experience. If you’re seeking continuous improvement (and who isn’t?), the Engage platform makes it simple to communicate with candidates after the interview, finding out what went well and what you could do better.

The interview is just one of several steps a candidate must go through when applying for a job, but it’s a key engagement touchpoint that has a great opportunity to influence each candidate’s impression of your firm. Make sure you make a good impression from an early stage by harnessing technology that saves you money while also saving face with each applicant that interacts with you.

To learn more about EmployStream’s platform or to schedule a demo, contact us today.  

Did you know only 12% of employees have a good onboarding experience? Download our eBook and learn the key to differentiating your staffing firm from competitors and the importance of an engaged workforce.

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