EmployStream - Don't let talent ghost you.

Here’s what to do about it.

You’ve found a solid-looking candidate for an open position. They seem promising on paper, and the initial phone screening went smoothly. You reach back out, set up a time to meet and you wait.

… and wait.

… and they never show up.

It’s a frustrating scenario, right? Your recruiters wasted time and resources working with this person, and in the process, you got your hopes up only to be disappointed.

From application to post-hire, learn how to Master the 5 Key Candidate Engagement Touchpoints.

Has your staffing agency ever been afflicted by the “interview no-show”?

We hope the answer is “No”, but we also recognize that this scenario is far too common. In one survey of more than 400 businesses, 17 percent of respondents said 15 percent or more of their job applicants never showed up for interviews, and another 35 percent of respondents reported that 5 to 10 percent of applicants skipped out on an interview appointment.

Clearly, interview no-shows happen. The obvious follow-up question is, “Why?” The factors affecting interview no-shows are highly situational. It could be that the applicant found another job and never let you know. Perhaps they couldn’t get off work or they got sick the day of the interview. Maybe they simply forgot or there was a miscommunication around timing or expectations.

In some of these scenarios, no-shows are nearly unavoidable. In others, better communications can work wonders for decreasing no-show rates. Here’s what we mean.

Technology can help

The right hiring technology platform can allow you to automate communications between recruiter and candidates during the hiring processes. For example, you can streamline:

  • Friendly outreach, helping candidates feel less like strangers to your organization and more like they’re truly valued talent.
  • Interview scheduling, making it simple for candidates and recruiters to choose a date that works well and to reschedule in advance versus missing an appointment.
  • Reminders, ensuring the candidate receives automated reminders about the appointment and won’t simply forget.
  • Preparation/expectations, sending candidates notes about what to expect from their interview experience, how to prepare and what to bring.

In the end, you wind up with less wasted resources, less frustration and more engaged applicants. And as an added bonus, once interviews have been conducted, the right hiring software can also automate follow-ups, requests for feedback and other communications that improve the overall interview experience.

Don’t let interview no-shows extend your hiring processes and exhaust your recruiters. Schedule a free demo to learn more about EmployStream platform that makes everyone’s life easier.