‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. From vowing to shed a few extra pounds to focusing on breaking that one seemingly unshakeable habit, we all have goals that we’d like to hit in 2018. For those of us in the staffing industry, our professional goals might sound something like this:

  • Become more organized and minimize paperwork
  • Expedite the process of hiring and onboard talent
  • Spend more time on revenue-producing tasks
  • Deliver a better job seeker and employee experience
  • Finally make the most of mobile platforms

These are great targets to at which to aim year-round, but January is special. We see it as our fresh start—that chance we need to make lasting change for the better—and we feel like this time, for real, we’re going to do it.  

Or are we?

According to U.S. News and World Reports, 80% of New Year’s resolutions have failed by the second week in February… a sobering statistic, especially given that studies show it takes about 66 days to replace a bad habit with a good one. As surely as gym locker rooms will empty out a few weeks into the year, we are susceptible to falling back into doing things “the way we’ve always done them” in the workplace, too. So we have to ask ourselves: “Is there any chance of actually accomplishing the goals we inevitably set for ourselves at the beginning of every year?”

We’ll save you the guesswork: The answer is “Yes”.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We may not be weight loss experts, but we do know staffing. And we are happy to report that if any of the onboarding and hiring-related resolutions above resonated with you, there is hope that you’ll hit your goals this year yet… you just have to set yourself up for success.

Let’s start from the top. Say you want to become more organized in the way you handle the entire candidate engagement and onboarding process. While it may not be quite as simple as buying a new planner for your desk, hitting this goal could be as simple as employing the right digital tool to optimize your processes. Harnessing the EmployStream software platform has enabled thousands of staffing pros to eliminate paperwork entirely, with every aspect of the onboarding experience taking place digitally. There are no more misplaced files, waiting for signatures or lack of centralized controls… everything is in one place, and is easy to manage for everyone involved.

Likewise, if you’re seeking to expedite the candidate onboarding process, a platform like EmployStream can help you do that, too—from initial engagement through the interview process to final background checks. It’s all possible through process automation, letting professionals spend last time handling mundane tasks and more time delivering value for the company. A recruiter can focus on finding great candidates, and a salesperson can spend more time driving revenue through client engagement. Add it all together, and the hiring process is expedited by up to 90%, and onboarding costs drop by up to 50% at the same time.

Even if your professional goals are more focused on keeping your audience happy than optimizing your own workload, onboarding automation software can help you, too. A platform like EmployStream is designed with the experience of all users in mind, and that includes job seekers as well as staffing pros. It’s intuitive. It’s fast. And, it’s designed for the workforce of today, in that it features a “mobile-friendly” design throughout, appealing to candidates that want to find their next jobs through their ever-present smartphones.

This Year Can Be Different

We may not all read five books per month, keep carbs at arms-length or learn a new language in 2018. Or maybe we will; psychologists say it can be done! One thing is for sure, though… there’s a lot you can accomplish from a professional standpoint if you simply put the right hiring processes and platforms in place.

We’d love to be a part of your journey. Learn more about how to automate your staffing business in this hiring process optimization guide, then drop us a line to talk through how we can help you start turning your 2018 resolutions into unquestionable successes.