Post Hire Candidate Engagement - EmployStream

We’ve spent the past few weeks talking about what it takes to keep candidates engaged, informed and enthusiastic throughout the hiring process… and maintaining the sanity of your recruiters while you’re at it. Along the way, we’ve covered how to make the most of everything from the initial application to the interview process to pre-hire screening and onboarding.

So, we’re done, right? Once you’ve compliantly placed your candidate, isn’t it time to move on?

Not necessarily.

Traditionally, staffing firms have forgotten about candidates once they’re on assignment, but more and more pros are realizing that the hiring process is cyclical, and there is good reason to keep candidates (or employees, at this point) engaged and impressed with your brand post-hire.

Re-hire rates are naturally low when dealing with temporary workers, but if they’re good employees, it’s worth investing the minimal amount of time required to keep them coming back to you once their assignment ends. You already have them screened, after all, and you know exactly how they will have performed in their most recent assignment. You have the foundation of a relationship started, you know what kind of results to expect and you don’t have to expend significant resources to redeploy them.

Besides, these high performers may know other strong candidates, and referrals from someone that “gets it” are often immensely valuable. While you’re talking to them, good employees can also provide valuable feedback that helps shape your organization to be even more attractive and efficient in the future.

The best news? If you have the right technology platform in place, keeping hires engaged after they start a job is easier than you think. n’t even hard.

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Keep the Wins Coming

In all likelihood, you’re already in touch with hired candidates on the regular, whether that means sending them benefits information, paychecks or other ongoing communications. If you’re using Employstream, you are doing all of this via one central portal that is easily accessible… and you could be doing more.

Built into that platform is also a convenient means of sending automated messages to employees, creating the impression of 1:1 tailored communication without requiring much personalization on the part of your staff. It keeps the employee engaged and keeps your recruiters focused on generating new business for your company.

For example, here’s an idea of how an automated engagement program could take shape:

  • After the first day at their new job, you could send a placed employee a message asking how the first day went and reminding them how to reach out if they have questions.
  • After a week, they could receive another message asking them to fill out a survey around their hiring experience and how likely they would be to recommend your firm.
  • After a month, if you have identified the employee as a promoter, you can send a request for referrals, offering them a bonus if their contacts are hired by your firm.
  • Once their assignment is almost finished, don’t miss the opportunity to thank them for being a reliable employee and sending them a few new open positions for which they might be a fit.

These are just a few examples of automated messages you might send, but ultimately, you have all the flexibility you need to make a post-hire engagement program your own. Everything is fully customizable, so if you do want to add a more personal touch to your pre-programmed messages, you certainly can.

Employstream not only makes it easy for you to keep good employees coming back; it makes it hard for employees to want to leave. The interface is intuitive, they’ve received consistent communications from you through the platform for months at this point, and if all has gone well, they are comfortable with both you and the Employstream platform by this point.

Don’t miss an opportunity to minimize your workload while maximizing your chances of long-term success by failing to put an adequate value on post-hire engagement. It’s your best bet for getting redeployment rates up and referrals pouring in.

See for yourself how easy post-hire engagement can be with Employstream. Contact us for a demo and we’ll be happy to show you.