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Andre Mileti, Head of Sales
Andre Mileti, Head of Sales

Being in sales, I speak to a lot of staffing firms (and I mean a lot!). From my perspective, the best way to engage with prospects is to listen and learn about their specific goals and objectives. 

Moretimes than not, I find myself engaged with heads of staffing firms that have made a commitment to grow their practice and are explaining to me the key tactics to their growth strategy.

You may be saying to yourself, “Well every company wants to grow.” This isn’t always the case with staffing firms. Many are content with where they are in size and operation and are not interested in expanding their footprint. They want to retain business and keep a certain level of operating efficiency (which means no changes!).

However, the ones that do want to grow tend to follow the same blueprint and have pinpointed specific areas of their operations that will act as a catalyst to reaching their objectives. After hearing the same things over and over, here are the 4 goals that seem to be on everyone’s growth agenda:

  1. Let recruiters recruit

Simply put, if your recruiters can focus more on connecting with great talent and building client relationships and spend less time on administrative tasks, you’ll increase and secure a larger talent pool. This leads to faster, more accurate placements within the company. Finding the right tasks to automate that truly bog recruiters down goes a long way in driving an infectious growth culture.

  1. Candidate engagement must be a priority

This is an inherent challenge in staffing, given the temporary nature of employees. How does one build long term engagement on a business model built on disposable talent? This isn’t easily done; however, those who have succeeded in growing over the years have made it a priority to deliver a “C-level experience”, no matter the position and length of term. Outside of salary and perks, making someone feel important goes a long way to keeping your talent pool coming back for more. Plus, it keeps great talent right at your fingertips!

  1. Build a brand

B2B businesses have learned that their brand is just as important to today’s digital-savvy, connected buyer as their B2C compatriots. Attracting talent (and clients) starts with making your brand attractive… And yes, a staffing firm can be sexy, I’ve seen it. The ones that thrive have made their brand identity a priority.

  1. Invest in technology

Occasionally, I get visibility into the technology ecosystems of “enlightened” staffing firms.  Hands down, the ones that want to grow and thrive have invested in leading technology for every aspect of their business. These firms understand they need to do more with less, and technology/automation is a good place to start. The greater their gross margins, the more money they can put back into the business to expand into new industries, territories or rockstar talent.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as “improvement”, “achievement” and “success” have no meaning.” ~Ben Franklin

Growth requires change. Change is synonymous with not only growth, but survival. So if you are looking to grow, or understand you need to change to survive, think about these four items. Interested in finding out how I can help you accomplish some of these goals using our Onboarding solution? Let’s talk!