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Boost Your NPS, Boost Your Revenue.

“People work with people they like”. It’s a common adage that has proven true time and again, causing many businesses to stake their very reputation on providing stellar customer service. We all get it. Or do we? You wouldn’t think … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - The business care for upgrading your candidate engagement

The business case for upgrading your candidate engagement

The staffing industry is facing some tough challenges. Competition for great talent is at an all-time high, while employee satisfaction and loyalty are historically low. You can differentiate yourself by boosting candidate engagement. Here are some statistics to consider (courtesy … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - EmployStream Launches the Next Generation of Candidate Engagement for the Staffing Industry

EmployStream Launches the Next Generation of Candidate Engagement for the Staffing Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLEVELAND, OH – February 27, 2018 – EmployStream, the leading provider for onboarding automation to the staffing industry, has announced a major upgrade to the company’s Talent Relationship Management platform with the release of a new candidate … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - How to make your candidate experience not suck

How to Make your Candidate Experience Not Suck

It’s no secret that the staffing industry is falling behind when it comes to candidate satisfaction. The NPS for talent satisfaction in 2017 was 21 percent, a score that has been slowly decreasing in the past few years. Many companies … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - Grow your staffing firm

Want Your Staffing Firm to Grow? Here are the Top 4 Ways I’m Seeing It Happen.

Being in sales, I speak to a lot of staffing firms (and I mean a lot!). From my perspective, the best way to engage with prospects is to listen and learn about their specific goals and objectives.  Moretimes than not, … Continue Reading

7 Tips to Engage New Hires Before Their First Day

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to have a great onboarding process – between leaving a good first impression and getting your new employee up-to-date faster, there are some major benefits. Here are some tips that will have your new … Continue Reading