add saas to hiring process

Add Some SaaS to Your Hiring Process

Time and time again technology has revolutionized the world around us. Now, with millennials in the driver’s seat demanding easy-to-use, mobile technology, these changes have inched their way into the hiring and onboarding process. To adapt to this need for ever-changing … Continue Reading

EmployStream - What Millennials expect from staffing firms

What Millennials expect from their staffing firms

An important shift in the American labor force happened in 2015, and you might have even missed it. The Millennial generation became the largest share within the labor force, even surpassing Gen X-ers. Although this rise happened gradually over the … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - Advantages of having mobile platform

Three advantages of being mobile-first

We’ve been progressing toward a new reality since the introduction of the smartphone, and now we’ve arrived: We officially live in a “mobile-first” world. Mobile dominates Google searches, accounting for over 60 percent of searches conducted, and mobile’s share of … Continue Reading