EmployStream Blog - Four "Must Have" Features to look for in Onboarding Software

Four “Must Have” Features to look for in Onboarding Software

Moving from paper-based processes to onboarding software can be scary.  Why?  Because transitioning to technology always has its doubts and questions.  Will technology really serve our firm’s needs?  Is it the best choice among all the choices?  Did we miss … Continue Reading

Attracting Recent Graduates to Contract Positions

With college graduations right around the corner, recruiters will soon see an influx of new candidates ready to enter the workforce. With critical positions often going unfilled because of skill deficiencies, how can your staffing firm attract these newly minted … Continue Reading

The Legalization of Marijuana and Your Employee Background Checks

The entire topic of marijuana legalization is extremely confusing, especially when it comes to staffing. Some states are fully legalizing it for adults, while others permit medicinal use only. But on the federal level, marijuana is still completely prohibited. So, … Continue Reading

Is Your Light Industrial Staffing Firm Living in the Past and Seeing Ghosts?

In July 2018, a report showed that manufacturing companies experienced their best year of hiring in 23 years. Hiring is at an all-time high and employers are in growth mode. They are hiring at a rapid pace and need partners … Continue Reading

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Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints: #4 Onboarding

This post is part of a series on “Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints”. See our previous posts on the initial application, interview process, and pre-hire screening for more insights on making the most of the candidate experience.   __________________________________ … Continue Reading

Man at computer using EmployStream software

Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints: #3 Pre-Hire Screening

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out our first two posts in our “Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints”. If not, be sure to read our tips on perfecting the initial application and acing the … Continue Reading

Where EmployStream Fits Into Your Hiring Process (and Why You Need It)

As a staffing professional, you likely know that you have no shortage of technology options available to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. How much else do you know about the tools available to you, though? Do … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - 3 ways to supercharge your bullhorn experience

Three Ways to Supercharge Your Bullhorn Experience

There’s no doubt that if you chose to utilize the Bullhorn experience, along with thousands of others across the globe, you understand the importance and value that an applicant tracking system (ATS) can provide for your business. You’ve made this … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - Grow your staffing firm

Want Your Staffing Firm to Grow? Here are the Top 4 Ways I’m Seeing It Happen.

Being in sales, I speak to a lot of staffing firms (and I mean a lot!). From my perspective, the best way to engage with prospects is to listen and learn about their specific goals and objectives.  Moretimes than not, … Continue Reading

Nail Your New Year’s Resolutions: Embrace Smarter Staffing Automation

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. From vowing to shed a few extra pounds to focusing on breaking that one seemingly unshakeable habit, we all have goals that we’d like to hit in 2018. For those of us in … Continue Reading