Salvaging the Recruiting Industry’s Bad Reputation

Salvaging the Recruiting Industry’s Bad Reputation

There’s a lot of animosity out there for recruiters. And if you view recruiters from the perspective of a candidate, it’s easy to understand why. Job-seeking is an inherently stressful process — you need to perform well during interviews, bills are due … Continue Reading

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8 Ways to Make the Candidate Experience Less Painful for Everyone

Everyone can relate to a bad candidate experience when searching for a job—confusing forms, long applications to fill out, no feedback and lack of communication slowing you down. With Millennials now comprising the largest share of the workforce, this will … Continue Reading

EmployStream - What Millennials expect from staffing firms

What Millennials expect from their staffing firms

An important shift in the American labor force happened in 2015, and you might have even missed it. The Millennial generation became the largest share within the labor force, even surpassing Gen X-ers. Although this rise happened gradually over the … Continue Reading

EmployStream - The Hiring Process is an Emotional Rollercoaster

The Hiring Process is an Emotional Rollercoaster. Make It Exciting, Not Scary.

You’ve looked for a job before, right? If so, you know hunting for work inevitably means embarking on an emotional journey… and all too often, those emotions aren’t necessarily positive. Imagine yourself as a jobseeker for a moment. You’re unemployed. … Continue Reading

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Getting Sticky in the Gig Economy: Using technology to increase talent retention

Retaining workers in a fickle (gig) labor market sounds like an oxymoron right? Not so fast. Let’s zoom out for a second. With over 20,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the U.S., these “giggers” (or as the Bureau of Labor … Continue Reading

EmployStream - How staffing firms can learn to recruit more

Staffing Pros: Learn to Overcome Status Quo Bias and Recruit More

One Psychology Lesson, Many Benefits for Staffing Firms By and large, people don’t like change. That’s not just an opinion; it’s a psychological fact. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we humans are inclined towards doing nothing … Continue Reading