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Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints: #5 Post-Hire

We’ve spent the past few weeks talking about what it takes to keep candidates engaged, informed and enthusiastic throughout the hiring process… and maintaining the sanity of your recruiters while you’re at it. Along the way, we’ve covered how to … Continue Reading

How to become a staffing success with EmployStream

Embrace the “New” Staffing Success Model

Great People + Great Processes + Great Technology = Great Success Want to run a more profitable staffing firm? Of course you do. But it’s generally easier said than done, right? If there was a magic formula for success, everyone … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - Add engagement to staffing hiring process to gain more revenue

Looking for more revenue? Add engagement to these critical areas.

Be honest. How’s your candidate experience? What would candidates say about your company? Are you providing the experience that drives candidates, and their family and friends, back to your firm? We’re asking for a reason. Chances are your staffing firm … Continue Reading

EmployStream Blog - The business care for upgrading your candidate engagement

The business case for upgrading your candidate engagement

The staffing industry is facing some tough challenges. Competition for great talent is at an all-time high, while employee satisfaction and loyalty are historically low. You can differentiate yourself by boosting candidate engagement. Here are some statistics to consider (courtesy … Continue Reading

7 Tips to Engage New Hires Before Their First Day

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to have a great onboarding process – between leaving a good first impression and getting your new employee up-to-date faster, there are some major benefits. Here are some tips that will have your new … Continue Reading