You Own the Experience Episode 4

Episode 4: Earn the Right, Community based Revenue Growth with Tim Wellmaker

You can’t ask someone for their business until you’ve earned that right. That’s the principle that Tim “Coach” Wellmaker and his team at eHire center their business on — and it’s the revenue-driving principle that Coach discusses with Robert Mann … Continue Reading

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You Own the Experience Episode 3

Episode 3: Referrals, Reviews & Social Media with Justin Brandt and Rebeca Martinez

How did Ideal Personnel get over 250 reviews on Google, averaging 4.8 stars? On this week’s episode of You Own the Experience, Robert Mann interviews cofounders Rebeca Martinez and Justin Brandt about Ideal Personnel’s 10 year anniversary and their journey … Continue Reading

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Episode 2: How Fanatical Friday Made me a Fan of Adam Conrad

On episode 2 of You Own the Experience, Adam Conrad — founder of Great Recruiters — talked with Robert Mann on the unfortunate public perception of the recruiting industry. “I always go back to [Googling] ‘recruiters are…,’ said Conrad, “and … Continue Reading

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Episode 1: The Journey to the Outcome with Aaron Grossman

On the first episode of the You Own the Experience podcast, Robert Mann talks about the artistry of the staffing industry with Aaron Grossman, CEO and founder of TalentLaunch. Grossman discusses why being a staffing professional requires a touch of … Continue Reading

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Introduction with Gerald Hetrick

In this introductory episode, Robert Man discusses the overall goal of this podcast, focused on the People Experience, with EmployStream’s CEO, Gerald Hetrick. One of EmployStream’s core values is, “Own It”. Hetrick fought the most for this core value, which … Continue Reading

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