Over the last few months, we have been able to celebrate a number of exciting accomplishments…new customers, new funding and new product development.  All of these wins have allowed us to strengthen and redefine our brand in staffing and the talent marketplace.  We are excited about what we’ve built and about what we can offer!

We were born within the staffing industry to transform it from a mountain of papers to actual progress and streamlined efficiency.  We’ve heard the need by operations teams, recruiters and candidates alike and we’re psyched to fill it.  

Our mission is clear.

Our mission is to create technology that enables the most flexible, efficient, and satisfying employment experience for everyone involved.  This is why we’ve decided to update our look, be bold about our value and light a spark within this industry.

So, let’s take a few minutes and tell you our NEW story!

Our new brand is beautiful.

We felt it was time to give our logo an upgrade without losing our most critical elements.  

Our new logo is:

Strong, but exciting;

“Techy”, but personal; and

Simple, but modern.  

Our new tagline, Everybody Onboard, demonstrates our commitment to improving engagement for everyone involved in the hiring process.  We know the recruiting experience can be grueling and monotonous at times, but it doesn’t have to be.  We believe our technology can be a true resource for recruiters to find better talent and allow them to do what they’re good at…leaving the back office to us.

We’re talking about talent.

A wise business person once said “if it’s important, give it a name” and that’s what we did.  

Our core focus will always be onboarding, but we’ve transformed, enhanced and repackaged our software to become a part of the entire hiring experience.  

We’re not a CRM.

We’re not an ATS.

We’re not even a payroll platform.

What we are is a Talent Relationship Management platform designed to get your talent to work faster.

Our new platform is modern, beautiful and well worth a look.

We’ve broken it down into three critical areas where we feel we could provide the most value to staffing firms through automation:

Convert – A mobile-friendly job board that gives staffing firms an edge to obtaining great talent for open positions.

Onboard – A paperless experience that gets talent to work faster with less cost and more integrations.

Engage – A way to stay in front of your best talent by keeping them engaged and always employed.

Imagine a better way.

We believe our platform will set the standards for hiring, retention and engagement of the temporary workforce. Why wait? The future is now. Our innovative, flexible, and mobile-friendly software automates manual hiring and onboarding processes, delivers compelling interactions with talent, and reduces the administrative tasks that cost you time, energy, and money. You focus on the people … we’ve got your back.

Ready to take a tour?