EmployStream - SAAS

Time and time again technology has revolutionized the world around us. From how we communicate to how we learn, and especially to how we work, technology continues to redefine our lives.

When it comes to hiring and employment, innovative technology is breaking down what we’ve “always known” in favor of new, impeccably accurate, smooth and fast systems.

The newest generation of workers— the millennials— are in the driver’s seat forcing these changes in the workplace. This is the generation who grew up carrying small computers in their pockets. They don’t know life without instant, mobile, internet access. As they begin to outnumber previous generations in the workforce, they’re forcing employers into the digital age.

But what they’re asking for can sometimes get crazy. They want digital everything, mobile everywhere, and online all the time.

Just a few years ago, a company who wanted to keep up with changing technology had no option but to purchase, build and maintain IT ecosystems, no matter what the cost. Now, given an internet connection, a streamlined Software-as-a-Service platform can provide seamless integration, painless upgrades, and lower initial costs than anyone ever thought possible.

SaaS platforms are changing the way we hire, on-board and employ workers. And the good news for employers? It’s extremely effective.

  1. Better data. The seamless integration of a SaaS platform means less chance of human error in data entry. For employers on-boarding high-volumes of new employees, this means the new employee can input their information once, and have it copied accurately into all of the business’ systems.
  2. Less waste. Just think of this as paperless paperwork. No more printed applications, emergency contact sheets, benefits forms— you get the picture. Instead, SaaS platforms keep all paperwork completely digital. This also means you don’t have to find places to store your old employee files— everything stays organized and accessible within the system.
  3. Complete mobility. Whether it’s job boards, video interviews or even online job applications, mobility is the key to the heart of a 21st century worker. With nearly 60 percent of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, employers who have not adopted mobile job boards are losing out on valuable candidates. Furthermore, mobile video interviews and applications make it easier than ever for candidates to interact with your company.
  4. On-demand service. The days of pulling an encyclopedia off the shelf are long gone.Just Google it from your smartphone. But in the workplace, technologies and tools have not evolved as rapidly. Employees want to be able to use technology to solve things on their own— they want to have access to their paystubs, to update their employment forms or to communicate with hiring managers online. Building this type of system will take a lot of time and money. Integrating with a SaaS platform is the simpler way to keep employees engaged by offering an on-demand service.

Do you think your staffing firm is ready to go paperless?  If so, schedule some time with our team so you can learn more about our platform and see how we can save you money in new hire and onboarding costs!