The next generation of onboarding automation. Built for speed and reliability.

Get Talent To Work Faster

Reach today’s mobile workforce with workflow automation that allows you to hire up to 90% faster than traditional methods.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Time is money. Cut costs in half by creating more consistent, scalable processes and eliminating the common mistakes that paper and manual processes can’t control.

Stay Compliant While Focusing On What Matters The Most

By automating onboarding, your teams can focus on more mission-critical tasks, like finding the next great employee or placement.

Improve Overall Candidate & Recruiter Experience

You only have one shot to make a great first impression. Wow new employees with a mobile-friendly experience.

Watch How EmployStream Makes Onboarding a Breeze for Staffing Firms

How to Master Onboarding for Your Business

Totally paperless. Totally simple.

EmployStream ONBOARD puts qualified talent to work fast by eliminating manual steps throughout the hiring process. This paperless platform automates the entire candidate experience by leveraging a variety of standard integrations including ATS, WOTC, drug testing, background screening, payroll, remote I-9, and E-Verify.

This platform was created to give you the power to:

  • Easily and quickly create forms and send packages
  • Manage unique workflows through an intuitive interface
  • Embedded with a secure e-signature software
  • Avoid costly errors, mistakes, and delays
  • Screen candidates more effectively with our integration-first platform
Onboarding Automation Image - EmployStream

Simplified I-9 Verification Process

EmployStream was built to automate and simplify the I-9 and remote I-9 processes. Onboarding workflows ensure that Section 1 and Section 2 of Form I-9  are completed in the correct order and 100% compliant.

Flexible Integrations

Eliminate manual steps throughout the entire hiring process by leveraging a variety of standard integrations including: ATS, WOTC, drug testing, background screening, payroll, and E-Verify.

Automated Hiring Workflows

Simplify unique onboarding processes with configurable forms, orientation, training, videos, and more.

Seamless Candidate Experience

All onboarding tasks are accomplished in an easy-to-use platform, and secured with an embedded e-signature software.

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