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If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out our first two posts in our “Mastering the Five Key Engagement Touchpoints”. If not, be sure to read our tips on perfecting the initial application and acing the interview process for a more holistic perspective on candidate engagement.

Today, we’re looking at what happens next—once you think you’ve found a solid candidate and want to make sure they’ll suit your need. We’re talking about pre-hire screening.

Pre-hire screening isn’t the sexiest topic, and perhaps for that reason, it’s often overlooked when people think through the hiring process. It’s easy to mentally jump from interview to onboarding, forgetting the crucial process of ensuring compliance with hiring regulations and vetting candidates’ backgrounds… Yet pre-hire screening is a necessity in the staffing world, and carrying it out incorrectly or even inefficiently can be costly.

What does that have to do with candidate engagement? To be frank, filling out paperwork is a pain, and the pre-hire screening process can require a lot of it. There are often a variety of forms which must be filled out by job applicants, from disclosures and authorizations to I-9 and E-Verify documents to healthcare, tax, EEOC, WOTC and other required materials. Some of these forms are mandatory to fulfill compliance requirements; others are simply good ideas to ensure you’re hiring the sort of candidate you think you are.

In any case, you’re probably asking applicants to spend an extended period of time filling out paperwork early in the process of interacting with your company, and you want to be sure they’re not left with a bad taste in their mouth due to a frustrating, intimidating screening experience. The good news is that filling out verification forms and records requests doesn’t have to be painful. Here’s how the right technology and processes can make all the difference.

  • Automate pre-screening specific to the applicant. If you’re using a hiring software platform like EmployStream’s, you can automatically send all applicable forms to a candidate for digital review, signing and submission. The process becomes more pleasant for the candidate who doesn’t have to sit at a desk filling out papers, and it becomes more efficient for you, as pre-hire screening takes place more quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Eliminate manual tracking of data and duplication across systems. EmployStream’s system allows you to track the status of various documents easily, making it simple to tell what’s been done and what hasn’t. Because our platform integrates with your ATS, you can also be sure you’re avoiding duplicate data entry along the way.
  • Receive quicker results, processing applicants faster. EmployStream also integrates with third-party verification services like E-Verify and background check organizations, allowing you to conduct all necessary screening from one dashboard. It also means you’ll likely hear back sooner, as 80 percent of background screening results are turned around in less than 24 hours via the EmployStream platform compared to an industry average response time of 48-72 hours. In the end, you can vet applicants more quickly and they can spend less time feeling anxious mid-way through the hiring process.


It may not be apparent on the surface, but the pre-hire screening process is a key engagement touchpoint with your candidates. A few adjustments to your processes can make the experience better for them and for you, so be sure you have the proper systems in place to stay compliant, cost-effective and capable in the eyes of your candidates. We can help.

To learn more about how EmployStream’s platform makes the entire hiring process easier, contact us today.  


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