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By now, you’re well on your way toward mastering the five key engagement touchpoints. Once something to be feared, you’ve reviewed our first two posts in this series and perfected the initial application and interview processes. But if you want to build a holistic understanding of candidate engagement, you’ll need to learn about our third touchpoint: pre-hire screening.

Does your candidate fit your needs?

Pre-hire screening isn’t the sexiest topic, and perhaps for that reason, it’s often overlooked when people think through the hiring process. It’s easy to jump straight from the interview to onboarding, but you still need to be compliant with hiring regulations and, perhaps most importantly, vet your candidates’ background.

If you’re on top of your staffing game, you know that a poor pre-hire screening process can result in a lot of costs. It’s clear that mastering this process can make your life easier, but what does it have to do with candidate engagement?

Frankly, filling out paperwork is a pain, and the pre-hire screening process requires a lot of it. Job applicants have to fill out disclosures and authorizations, I-9 and E-Verify documents, healthcare, tax, EEOCWOTC—it’s a lot to ask.

You need some of these forms to meet compliance requirements, but many are just good ideas to include to ensure you’re hiring the sort of candidate you think you are. The trick is to strike a balance where you get the info you need without drowning your candidate in paperwork.

Three ways to make pre-hire screening painless for your candidates

You’ve got to wonder whether these crucial first impressions are leaving your applicants with a bad taste in their mouths. If consistently hiring the best talent is a priority for you, then your pre-hire screening ought not to be a frustrating or intimidating experience.

The good news is that filling out verification forms and records requests doesn’t have to be painful. Here’s how the right technology and processes can make all the difference.

  • Automate your pre-screening paperwork. Automating this part of your pre-hire screening process is a win-win: Your candidates don’t have to sit at a desk and sift through a mountain of paperwork, and you get a faster, more cost-effective pre-hire screening process. If you’re using a hiring software platform like EmployStream’s, you can automatically send all applicable forms to a candidate for digital review, signing, and submission.
  • Eliminate data duplication and manual tracking across systems. EmployStream’s system allows you to easily track the status of various documents, making it simple to tell what’s been done and what hasn’t. Because our platform integrates with your ATS, you can also be sure you’re avoiding duplicate data entry along the way.
  • Receive quicker results and process applicants faster. EmployStream also integrates with third-party verification services like E-Verify and background check organizations, allowing you to conduct all necessary screening from one dashboard. This also makes it more likely that you’ll hear back sooner: 80 percent of background screening results are turned around in less than 24 hours via the EmployStream platform. Considering that the industry average response time ranges from 48 to 72 hours, that’s a pretty significant advantage. In the end, you can vet applicants more quickly, and they can spend less time feeling anxious mid-way through the hiring process.

It may not be apparent on the surface, but the pre-hire screening process is a key engagement touchpoint with your candidates. A few adjustments to your processes can make the experience better for them and for you, so be sure you have the proper systems in place to stay compliant, cost-effective, and capable in the eyes of your candidates. We can help.

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