As a staffing professional, you likely know that you have no shortage of technology options available to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. How much else do you know about the tools available to you, though? Do you know what the various software platforms you hear about actually do? Do you know where the value of one ends and another begins? Do you know which tools optimize one part of the hiring process versus streamlining multiple areas?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you’re far from alone. No matter how much they may be designed to simplify your life, software platforms can be confusing to understand and compare to one another, and the staffing technology marketplace is no exception.

We want to make things at least a little easier on you… and that’s why we’ve created a graphic that shows where EmployStream fits in the hiring technology stack and how we provide value at each stage of the candidate journey.

EmployStream Software - Product Overview Infographic

Bridging the Gap Between Front and Back Office

EmployStream fills an important gap between “front office” technology and the “back office”. In the front office, where you are spending time trying to attract and retain talent for open positions, you likely use an ATS or CRM system to keep your prospecting activities organized. In the back office, you probably employ technology to streamline payroll, timekeeping, accounting and so forth for use with candidates that you’ve already placed in a position. Employstream bridges the gap between these two areas, providing value for operations personnel, recruiters and candidates in the process.

At EmployStream, we believe in the importance of engagement throughout the entire hiring process, from attracting candidates to onboarding them to keeping them happy after they’ve been hired. Unlike other software providers that only focus on something like candidate engagement via specific workflows, but not onboarding or other parts of the hiring process, EmployStream offers everything you need to keep candidates moving efficiently throughout an intuitive and comfortable hiring process.

We do this by providing workflows that blend automation with personalization. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Pre-Hire Engagement: This is where we do the marketing to get great talent into the pipeline and vetted to make sure they are of high quality. Our mobile-friendly candidate portal, job board, application process and interview scheduling experience come into play here.
  • Pre-Hire Onboarding: At this stage, we help get the candidate ready to be placed, whether a position is ready for them or not. This is where most of the initial screening, assessments and credentialing checks are done with candidates.
  • Post-Hire Onboarding: This is where EmployStream has its roots as a company and is where a candidate prepares to fill an open position. Speed and accuracy are factors in getting them placed quickly, so our platform is designed to expedite the filling out/filing of legal forms, client documents and other orientation functions.
  • Post-Hire Engagement: This is where many staffing firms fall flat, as they don’t have the time to follow up during an assignment, find out how things are going, and keep great talent engaged for future redeployments. We make it easy to stay in touch with placed candidates, asking them for feedback, referrals and more.   

Do Something About Your Missing Link

You may have an ATS and billing software that work well for you, but are you losing efficiency and candidate interest in the space in between? Don’t miss the opportunity to convert candidates, engage them early, onboard them seamlessly and stay in front of them for future engagements. The space between your front and back office processes is important, and ignoring it does a disservice both to your firm and the candidates that interact with it.

We feel strongly that we’ve bridged this gap with solid, proven technology in the EmployStream platform. We know you’re likely facing challenges in your quest to optimize the hiring process, and we’d love to talk with you about whether we can help you better reach your business goals while reaching great candidates. To start the conversation, book a demo, and let’s find out.